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VPN Privacy gives you a chance to take an advantage of the cutting edge VPN service that will allow you to browse absolutely any Internet sites in a safe and anonymous way.

What is VPN service and how it works?

VPN is a short for a Virtual Private Network that gives Internet users an ability to apply a completely secured and encrypted network connection by getting an access to any public or private network in the Internet. The majority of huge corporations, educational establishments and governmental offices as well as individuals all over the world apply the convenient service in order to create a private network with real and masked IP addresses for an anonymous and protected Internet surfing.
To cut a long story short, by means of VPN an Internet user gets an access to a completely secured virtual tunnel connecting his device or a network with the Internet. Read our detailed VPN services review for each account plan to get more information about how you can surf the websites anonymously staying untracked and safe.

How can you use VPN?

Just connect to VPN server and browse Internet safely from your device. Now your personal data will be encrypted and no one can use it.
Good news for MacOS users, right now you can benefit from our innovative VPN for Mac. If you prefer Android over iOS and Mac, then you are welcome to apply the convenient and cheap VPN service for Android to access your favorite sites anonymously whenever you want!
Other VPN providers will offer you to install special software while we spare you from such inconvenience by giving an access to the best VPN service in a quick and simple way.
Appeal to VPN Privacy’s tech support in order to get the answers to all questions you may have about how to setup our VPN on your device and how to surf safely by means of VPN technology.

Hide your current location and get a new masked IP address!

We offer you real USA, Canadian and European IP addresses that will make you a US, Canadian or European citizen each time you will browse the Internet.

  • Order Order VPN Service 1 week     $5 $3,5*
  • Order Order VPN Service 1 month   $15 $10*
  • Order Order VPN Service 3 months $40 $28*
  • Order Order VPN Service 6 months $75 $52*
  • Order Order VPN Service 1 year   $140 $98*
*One-time promotional price

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Our current VPN servers are located in:

USA (San Jose, CA)
USA (Scranton, PA)
Canada (Montreal,Quebec)
Luxembourg (Europe)
Singapore (Asia)

Work with:

VPN Service for Windows VPN Service for Mac VPN Service for iPhone VPN Service for Android VPN Service for Linux

Available VPN protocols:



All the VPN servers are connected to 1Gbit channels
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