Best VPN For China

  • 100% encrypted channel
  • USA and Canadian IPs
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • No Shaped Channel
With the development of profound VPN technologies each resident of China can take an advantage of the cutting edge VPN service for unblocking any website and protection of his Internet activity.
Do you currently live in China and can’t use cool entertainment US or Canada only websites because of goverment limitations? There is no reason to get upset if you choose to buy VPN account from VPN Privacy in order to bypass Great Chinese Firewall in a risk free and fast way.
Say NO to any Chinese Internet restrictions averting you from using the best websites in the world! China is a country of great opportunities and a protected Internet gateway to any site of World Wide Web should definitely become one of them. And our service is your guide to unlimited Internet activity.
You ask how to unblock websites in China and how to bypass all these restrictions to access Facebook or watch your favorite US TV channel online? We give you a simple and affordable solution – VPN service for Chinese residents who are not able to visit the numerous popular websites due to illogical limits.
You are welcome to get the best VPN for China to receive an unlimited Internet access to all your favorite websites staying untracked and protected from any hacking attempts.
American citizens can’t imagine their lives without everyday chatting with friends on Facebook or watching favorite videos on YouTube. Chinese residents have to face YouTube and Facebook limits without an ability to become members of these worldwide Internet communities. We are ready to fix such inequity by offering cheap and at the same time high quality VPN service in China.

Why do people need to use VPN in China?

- Because thanks to convenient service you can bypass any Internet censorship provided by your government and can use this service absolutely everywhere in China where there is a Wi-Fi hotspot or the cable Internet connection.

- Some users claim that it is more beneficial to apply free proxy bypassing websites than to use VPN service in China. In fact such proxy sites are slow, unstable and very often demand from you check annoying ads before connecting with your favorite US-website and they do not protect your online privacy at all. Only VPN tunnel is a long-term solution you should stick to if you value secured and unlimited Internet surfing.

- Bypass Great Chinese Firewall and don’t limit yourself in browsing adult sites, entertaining websites where you can watch US TV shows, play online games using US servers and download your favorite music anonymously. There is no need to restrict your Internet freedom if you have VPN account at your fingertips.
  • Order Order VPN Service 1 week     $5 $3,5*
  • Order Order VPN Service 1 month   $15 $10*
  • Order Order VPN Service 3 months $40 $28*
  • Order Order VPN Service 6 months $75 $52*
  • Order Order VPN Service 1 year   $140 $98*
*One-time promotional price

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Our current VPN servers are located in:

USA (San Jose, CA)
USA (Scranton, PA)
Canada (Montreal,Quebec)
Luxembourg (Europe)

Work with:

VPN Service for Windows VPN Service for Mac VPN Service for iPhone VPN Service for Android VPN Service for Linux

Available VPN protocols:



All the VPN servers are connected to 1Gbit channels
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